Why Should I Buy From You?

What makes your company stand-out from the crowd in your market?  What do you offer that others don’t?  If you can answer those questions you have just discovered your unique selling point (USP).

This is really important because if you offer what people value (quality, convenience, reliability, friendliness, bargains, cleanliness, courtesy, community minded, etc…) then they will buy from you instead of others regardless of price. Yes, REGARDLESS OF PRICE.

Sadly, most business owners can’t answer the questions.  They keep trying to compete on price and they are losing the battle.  Having and communicating your unique selling point (USP) lets you compete on Value.

Unique selling point (USP) examples:

Unique Selling Point - USP– for every sale, you donate “X” to someone in need. “X” is your product/service or a dollar amount

– guaranteed delivery in “x” timeframe or its free

– free returns

– quality you can afford

– customer service available  24/7

Developing Your Unique Selling Point (USP) is the first step in our proven Four Step Marketing Process and the foundation of your success.  Without it your customers will continue to shop elsewhere.

Developing Your USP

If you struggled to answer the “what makes you different” questions, we can help you.  We’ll take an objective and honest view of your business. We’ll examine your:

  • Current marketing goals
  • Target audience
  • Customer feedback
  • Inside reality
  • Outside perception
  • Value added services

Once you have the facts you can develop/refine your unique selling point.  After that, you must promote your USP clearly wherever you market your products and services.

Are You Ready To Take The First Step?

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