Build Customer Relationships



Now that you’ve answered the question “why should people buy from me?” it’s time to move to Step Two and identify your platforms and offers.  A platform is any place that you come into contact with potential customers. An offers is the thing that you give away for FREE in exchange for their contact information.  In other words, the offer entices potential customers to stick around and learn more about your products/services.  Let’s look a little deeper into Platforms and Offers.

The platform is simply the place in which a customer finds out about your business.  Platforms can be online and offline.


  • Online Platforms
    • Your website
    • Social Media
    • Blog
    • Review Sites
    • Online Listings


  • Offline Platforms
    • Print Advertisement
    • A Showroom
    • Trade Show
    • Phone Call
    • Flyers/Brochures/Business Cards

Once you identify your platforms you’ll need to be prepared to invite the potential client to stick around and get to know your business. In other words, provide something of value to them that’s related to your business in exchange for their contact information.

Offers (always FREE)

  • Cape Coral Marketing Offers by Myakka MarketingA product sample
  • Free Ebook
  • Free Trial
  • CD / DVD
  • Report / A List
  • Coupon


You’re probably wondering why is this so important?  Sadly, most companies only focus on those customers that are ready to BUY NOW.  With Platforms & Offers in place you’ll be able to make the current sale AND stay in touch with potential customers because they gave you their contact information. Just because someone said “No Thanks” today doesn’t mean its forever, they are probably still shopping around. By staying in touch you have the opportunity to move them from “potential customer” to “customer”,  and then to “repeat customer” and even a “raving fan”.

Businesses that skip this step are leaving money on the table.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

In step one of the Four Step Marketing Process you developed the right message so potential customers choose you over your competition regardless of price. In step two you identified your Platform & Offers to attract potential customers to “sign-up” to receive your free offer. You’ll stay in touch with them to convert them into buying customers and repeat customers.

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Remember, the goal of Step Two –  Platforms & Offers is to market to every potential customer to really boost your bottom line.

Ready for Step Three of the Four Step Marketing Process – Develop your Marketing Arsenal.